3rd annual montana ladies gathering

2013-07-18 009

a gift from My French Friend Janou!

2013-07-18 007

The Montana ladies always arrive with coolers filled with gourmet goodies and bottles of iced champagne.

They love to party. Can you tell?

See the lady in blue on the left? Her sisters used to babysit for my Son #1 when he was two and a half. We became friends before she was married, built her log house and had children.

The lady on the far right? She lives miles off a main road and “off the grid”. Up until three years ago her kitchen was a very, very old prospector’s cabin.
She’s from New England.

We forgot to show each other pictures of our grandchildren.

Pineapple champagne will do that to you.

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1 Response to 3rd annual montana ladies gathering

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh, you all look ready to par–tay! Forgetting to show pictures of the grandchildren is just another excuse for a gathering of the girls with more pineapple champagne. 😀

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