first day of september

2013-09-01 002

Yes, the day really was this beautiful.
I took my legal pads and pens and clipboard and water and sunglasses and camera and hat and phone down to the dock.

During one moment, I saw 3 speedboats, 1 pontoon boat, 1 water skier, 1 sailboat, 1 train, 1 osprey and 1 dead floating fish.

Otherwise it was pretty quiet on the lake.

So this is what the end of summer looks like.

2013-09-01 004 2013-09-01 007 2013-09-01 022 2013-09-01 005

And now, for the incredible photos of the dead floating fish…
2013-09-01 020 2013-09-01 018

He was probably dropped by an osprey or an eagle who overestimated how big a fish he could lift from the lake.
It’s a pretty big fish.
Not a River Monster, of course, but still…

So…it’s the end of summer.  Darn.

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2 Responses to first day of september

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh, what a lovely place to sit, think, and create.

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