getting the barn ready

Mandolin’s Ann’s daughter needs bows for the wedding reception in the barn.

Here’s the barn:

2013-08-27 003

We decided it needed a lot of decorating for the potluck square dance wedding reception! So…we got organized. There were a lot of emails about ribbon, an emergency trip to Walmart early one morning for fabric and a day planned to assemble the fall colored decorations.

2013-09-19 002

Linda decides how many loops to use to make a bow.

2013-09-19 005

Having no bow-making skills, I stayed behind my sewing machine and hemmed fabric for tablecloths.

2013-09-19 006

Pretty bows!

2013-09-19 008

For the vases!

2013-09-19 0032013-09-19 004

That barn will have never looked so good once we get through with it!!!!

Bring on the tulle and the cornstalks!!!!

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2 Responses to getting the barn ready

  1. Sharon says:

    That barn will look fabulous. You are all so talented.

  2. ottis winslow says:

    Looks great!! Have a WONDERFUL time.

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