canasta addict

My  French Friend Janou has become a canasta addict.

Yes, it’s sad but true.

Want to know how it started?  A zillion years ago, actually.  When Banjo Man’s mother and her sisters and brothers-in-law gathered frequently to play Canasta around someone’s dining room table.

This summer, at the annual family gathering, one of Banjo Man’s siblings suggested learning Canasta and playing for old time’s sake.

Which they did.  Raucously.

And then Banjo Man taught My French Friend Janou and her Artist Husband David how to play.

MFFJ was hooked.

She even bought one of these:

card shuffler
If you don’t know what this is, click HERE.

I’m going to share some photos of a recent canasta-playing evening.  No, not pictures of cards, but scenes from a window on another side of the peninsula where I live.

2013-09-09 008 2013-09-09 007 2013-09-09 002

It is raining now, and the last of the summer’s canasta games has been played.

MFFJ will spend the winter scheming as to how to beat me at cards next summer.

Banjo Man wants a card shuffler for Christmas.

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1 Response to canasta addict

  1. Janou says:

    Be prepared for next summer! You guys are challenged now!!

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