the great escape

2013-11-09 001

I’m escaping, running away, casting off the chains that bind me.

I know what you’re thinking:  She is so dramatic.


It is Saturday and the book isn’t finished, but if I sit at this desk for another fourteen hours I’m going to expire.  Really.  I’m going to stab myself with an emery board and crawl under my desk with a pillow and blanket.   So I’m meeting a girlfriend for lunch and a “let’s catch up on the last four months” conversation.  I’m going to the local quilt store for a “let’s see what’s new in the past eighteen months since I’ve been to a quilt store”.

I may even—gasp—-buy some fabric.  Just for fun.  Just because it’s there and I’m there and the book is almost done.

Later this afternoon Nebraska plays Michigan, so I will sit on the couch with Banjo Man and make sure he doesn’t have some kind of nervous attack while watching the game.

And then I will go back into my office…because the book is almost done.  Almost.

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4 Responses to the great escape

  1. Sharon says:

    Enjoy your lunch with a friend, a trip to the quilt store, and watching over Glen.
    Tomorrow is another day….

  2. Thanks, Sharon. I’ll see you next Saturday!!!!! 🙂 Whoopee!!!!

  3. Ellie says:

    Good for you!! I wish we could sing and play some music together………have a wonderful day!!!

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