meanwhile, back on the couch…


The first thing I did upon arriving home from Texas Wednesday afternoon was to sit on the couch.  I put my feet on the coffee table and, with Banjo Man snuggled beside me, proceeded to open the laptop and show him the videos of our grandson drumming along to Bruce Springsteen songs.

That was great fun, as our 3-year old grandson is an enthusiastic and talented  and very serious drummer and watching him makes us laugh ’til we cry.

And then we watched all of the tv episodes I’d missed while in Austin: Survivor and Master Chef Junior (4 hours total). And then we watched Survivor, when it came on at 8 PM.

And Banjo Man confessed that he’d been too lonely to sit on the couch while I was gone. He’d sat in a chair in front of the tv.  So he wasn’t missing me so much.  He said the couch was too big and it made him feel bad.

I don’t know what to do with him.

But he is happy now that my grumpy self is home and we are on the couch together.

It’s nice to be missed.

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1 Response to meanwhile, back on the couch…

  1. Ellie says:

    I’m so glad you two are together again! Love is beautiful!

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