free ebook from antoinette stockenberg


If you love Downton Abbey then I think you’ll love the Newport, Rhode Island version!

Antoinette is an old friend, a dear friend, who has hosted many lovely brunches and lunches at her Newport home for her writer friends.

Check out her WEBSITE and get the first installment of her series ***free*** as an ebook.

I read these books in 1987, long before I met Antoinette.  When I finally met her in person, she was coming through the front door of my home, where several writers from RI were meeting to head to the nearby train station and travelling to New York for a conference.

My children were running around and the house was chaos.  And I was tongue-tied.   Antoinette Stockenberg was in my house!!!  However, Banjo Man wasn’t the least shy.  By the time the train pulled into NY, he and Antoinette had plans for lunch together.  I was still overwhelmed that she knew my name.

The “By the Sea” series was originally published as a very thick paperback, THE CHALLENGE AND THE GLORY.  I still have my battered copy.

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1 Response to free ebook from antoinette stockenberg

  1. Connie says:

    Thanks! I do love Downton Abbey. I can’t wait for the next season.

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