For 23 years I lived with a small crack in my office window.  There are worse things in life.  I never really thought much about it.  White mini blinds covered it up.

Then Hurricane Sandy hit, and now I had two seriously cracked windows.  I put some masking tape over the cracks because I was sure that one day while I was writing the windows would suddenly explode behind me.

2013-11-13 002

That never happened.  But it was so  UGLY.

I spent a week concocting insulated panels, which didn’t work.  I hung a pair of vintage yellow floral drapes.  I bought black-out shades from Walmart.

And then, last week, I filled out a form on the Home Depot website requesting an estimate on replacement windows.

Be still my heart.

The appointment was for 9:30 AM today.  Banjo Man and I ran around the house getting ready.  We picked up clutter (you all know the drill) and Banjo Man hustled as fast as  he could move,  mopping the floors with a dust mop.

I put on my new socks.

2013-11-13 003

My office, where the windows are broken, also is my sewing room and my practice studio for the violin and the new guitar.  It is a bit cramped.  No matter how much I organize, toss out, store in boxes, etc. it is still too cramped and never looks nice.  I don’t know what to do about that, but I’m giving it a lot of thought.  I think accordion closet doors might help. But…I’m still thinking.

This is what a small portion of my sewing area looks like right now:
2013-11-13 006

I can’t wait to finish the quilt that I was working on last May before being overwhelmed by book deadlines and heading west. But I need a lot of room to spread the blocks around, as they interlock and have to be in the exact right place before being sewn together.

I will finish the book today. There will be revisions, but I’m trying not to think about that now. What I’m thinking about is sleeping past 5 AM tomorrow morning. I’m thinking about staying in bed and watching Imus and drinking coffee IN BED tomorrow morning. And then I will slowly get up, put my new socks back on and go to my sewing machine. Doesn’t that sound like a good day?

So now that my new windows have been ordered and I have eaten an avocado omelet, I am going to write the last two scenes of Book 3.

Wish me luck.

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2 Responses to cracked

  1. Connie says:

    You can do it!

  2. nancy k says:

    Yay!!!! Go mom!

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