A few thoughts:

I don’t want to be too negative here, but I don’t think Dan Brown would care about yet another comment on his newest work. This was a tough one.

I wish I had those hours spent reading back. I could clean my bathrooms, make some casseroles, bake a couple of pies and lose 340 calories on the treadmill.

I’m glad I got it from the library (i.e. it was free).

Reading about Florence was entertaining, having been there once with Banjo Man. Reading about Venice was interesting, but having never been there I went online and followed along with photos of the city and its most famous structures.

The characters were all strange and didn’t make sense.  And what happened to them? Huh, Dan???

I learned that when you are trying to save the world, you don’t eat or use the bathroom. I think the characters ate once in this book. And that was shame, because they were in Italy, for heaven’s sake!

I learned a lot about Dante.

I have no desire to read Dante’s Inferno. (In fact, I think I’d rather immerse myself in a good romance novel and a box of dark chocolate caramels than read the book that, according to Brown’s Robert Langford, has been the most influential book in history, second only to the Bible.) Especially after reading about Dante, who obviously had “issues”.

There was a great deal of information about the dangers of the world’s population growth.  Fascinating and frightening, but it felt like being lectured to.  Over and over again.

Bring on the chocolates.  I think I’ll reread Joshilyn Jackson’s Someone Else’s Love Story.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I haven’t read Dan Brown since I suffered through The Davinci Code. I’m probably the only person in the entire world who thought that book was poorly written. I couldn’t see why he was a best seller, other than the fact that he had a high concept idea.

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