the office makeover, step two

Step 1 was replacing the broken windows.  Now I have a Room With a View.  After twenty years of facing in the opposite direction, I have placed my desk once again in front of the windows, overlooking the driveway and the woods.

My office has been a maze of desks, folding tables, rolling tables, odd bookcases, secondhand chairs, ironing board, sewing tables, etc. for many, many years.  Just walking into it has been depressing, no matter how much I clean and organize, no matter how many books I got rid of, no matter how pretty storage boxes I bought.  There simply wasn’t enough room for writing, sewing and music.

Step 2:  a trip to the local discount store (Ocean State Job Lot) to buy a rug.  I clutched a stinky vintage drape panel to my chest and hoped to find something in shades of dark red and cream.  Of course the rug I wanted was at the bottom of the huge pile of rugs.  The Job Lot guys were really funny about moving all of the rugs for me.  They kept telling me all of the rugs I was skipping over were really beautiful, that they would give me discounts if I would pick one of the rugs closer to the top pile.  I actually picked the rug fourth from the bottom after Banjo Man and the two Job Lot guys agreed that they liked that one better than the rug on the bottom.

Sometimes it helps to have other opinions.  I didn’t mind.  After a month of the Mysterious Airplane Christmas Flu Virus, it felt good to be out of the house and doing something normal for an hour.

So far so good, I think…

2014-01-26 004

Stay tuned for Step 3, when the rest of the office turns into a music studio…and the real fun begins…

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5 Responses to the office makeover, step two

  1. Sharon says:


  2. Pat Coughlin says:

    Beautiful! That’s definitely a room you want to spend time in.

  3. isthereanymorepie says:

    The photo makes it look quite sophisticated. I like all that empty space. The quilting stuff is in the kitchen/dining area. I’m spreading the mess around!

  4. Ruth says:

    And where would the sewing machine be hiding????

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