trisha yearwood in two hours!


We went to the movies downtown today, but that’s another blog post (hint: the movie, a documentary, was phenomenal!).  I led the guys (Banjo Man and Son #2) down the wrong staircase and instead of going to the parking garage we were on the sidewalk.

Son #2 said, “As long as we’re here, let’s go look at the Willie Nelson statue.”

So we did.  And Willie looked good.

Then I caught on that we were in front of the Austin City Limits building.

“Wow,” I said to Banjo Man.  “We’re in front of the Austin  City Limits building!”

“And Trisha Yearwood is playing tonight,” Son #2 said.  “Did you see that, Mom?”

And then I remembered looking at Trisha Yearwood’s skimpy concert schedule last month and being disappointed that we were leaving Austin the day before she performed.  And now, with the storm delay, I COULD GO TO THE CONCERT.

I ran back down the sidewalk to the ticket booth.  Really, I ran.  As fast as I could.  And the nice young woman informed me that there were still a few seats available.  I waved at Banjo Man and Son #2 to hurry up so I could see if they wanted to go with me to see Trisha Yearwood.

They didn’t.

Banjo Man said, “I have to pack.”  (We are leaving the condo at 4 AM tomorrow).

Son #2 said, “Who is Trisha Yearwood again?”

I explained: I have all of her cd’s.  I’ve loved  her forever.  Never seen her in concert.  She’s married to Garth Brooks.  She has a cooking show.  I’ve made her chocolate pretzel brownies.

I sang a verse of “The Song Remembers When.”

The Nice Young Woman At The Ticket Booth interrupted and said, “If you only need one ticket I can get you a really good seat right up front, on the floor.”

“I ONLY NEED ONE TICKET!”  I turned my back on the guys, who looked as if they would rather do anything than sit through a country chick concert.

Banjo Man leaned closer and muttered, “How much do these tickets cost?”


I don’t think I could be any more excited, I really don’t.

Details tomorrow….



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2 Responses to trisha yearwood in two hours!

  1. Pat Coughlin says:

    Lucky you! Have a ball. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Sharon says:

    YOLO! 🙂

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