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cabinfest 2022

Cougar Creek Band knows how to put on a party. Joe, one of our younger members, had the brilliant idea to reunite the band up at Banjo Man’s newly-finished (after more than three years of renovations, repairs and finish work) … Continue reading

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you never even called me by name

During the eight days of Banjo Man’s hospital adventures, I was treated kindly by many, many strangers who worked for the hospital systems.  And such kindness was very much appreciated. To my bemusement (is that a word?) the women at … Continue reading

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how it’s done

Rest in peace.

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back to normal, kind of

Now that the tree is off the roof and my house is safe and waterproofed, it is time to go back into the sewing room/office/music room and start a quilt. We call this “stress sewing” in our house.  Much healthier … Continue reading

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fires and smoke–it must be august

Unfortunately the fires began about a month ago, after multiple lightning strikes. “Dry lightning” is absolutely terrifying. And rightly so. Neighbors to the west are on a “Ready, Set, Go” alert. Smoke hangs over the lake. We are sleeping with … Continue reading

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4th of july, the small town way

Yes, I love the 4th of July! From the parade to the kids races to the hot dogs-eaten-for-breakfast, the waving flags and the fireworks. We were all at the parade, of course. The FG was front and center to catch … Continue reading

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memorial day 2020

Have you heard of “Taps Across America”? At 3:00 this afternoon, wherever you are, musicians are asked to play TAPS and people are encouraged to open their windows or stand on their porches to hear the song and pay their … Continue reading

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a song for saturday

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winter wednesday

Okay, I know it’s not winter, but the “real feel” temperature here today is 28 degrees.  Oh, that cold wind is whipping around!  Doesn’t look like spring is coming any time soon. I bundled up for my daily walk around … Continue reading

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will the sun ever shine

DAY 34 OF THE QUARANTINE. 48 DAYS UNTIL WE HEAD WEST. This song was written after 9/11 and ended up in a Disney movie.  I came upon it by accident yesterday and wanted to share.   And of course the … Continue reading

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