i wish…

i wish someone had told meI love this.  I found it on Pinterest this morning and it certainly applies to writing.  Looking back after writing many, many books, I know this is true.

But I wasn’t looking for writing inspiration on Pinterest this morning.  I needed something to boost my “flagging musician” spirits.  Stiff fingers, aging brain, hoarse voice…how will I learn this new instrument, this new song, these new chords?

This is such a good reminder.  It worked for writing.  It will work for this.

I’ve just gotta fight my way through.

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2 Responses to i wish…

  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Love this, and sent it to my painting teacher and classmates. Guess it’s like any other entrepreneurial effort…the best advice is “DON”T QUIT”.

  2. ottis winslow says:

    You go girl!!

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