11 hours and counting

The new season of RIVER MONSTERS begins tonight.

River Monsters S6 Final

I am so excited.

The show is from 9-11 PM and afterwards Animal Planet will host a LIVE interview show with Jeremy Wade and his producer. At 11:30 PM the interview will continue online until midnight.

This means I can tweet/twitter questions directly to the show.  Directly to Jeremy.

I am trying to think of questions. I’ve asked Banjo Man for help, since he is so good at asking questions about everything, including things he doesn’t need to know, but he hasn’t come up with anything.

So I’m working on it….

Would you like to come to Idaho and fish off my dock?  I will provide Wheat Thins and artichoke dip and peaches.  Banjo Man will fill a cooler of beer and wine.  It’ll be fun.  Really.

Do you eat catfish?

How did you keep from laughing during the “ball cutter” interview with the tribal chief?

I am going to fill the long hours ahead by baking a birthday cake and preparing tomorrow’s birthday dinner for my mother.  I have a tablecloth to iron.  Music to practice.  Tax info to organize.  Banjo Man wants my help in the yard:  he has asked if I will pick up sticks.

That should kill some time.

river monsters with jeremy wade001


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