day three and the duke

“Rain” is a four letter word.

2014-06-19 028

This was the first half of day three.  We ended up pulling over, with a lot of other cars, to wait out the worst of it.  But the storm went on and on and on….

We had a good driver, though.

2014-06-19 027

Story Man (Son #2)

Between storms we stopped for gas and saw a historic marker: Birthplace of John Wayne!!! And only 14 miles south of the interstate!

2014-06-19 038 2014-06-19 042

I bought a John Wayne coffee mug.

And then another horrible thunderstorm hit. Have I told you how tired I am of rain and thunder and wind and lightning?

2014-06-19 055Ten hours after we left our hotel, we crossed into Nebraska!!!

2014-06-19 056How do you know you’re in Nebraska?  Check out the license plate!

2014-06-19 063



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2 Responses to day three and the duke

  1. Ruth says:

    Have been thinking about the Nebraska folks ever since hearing about the terrible tornado. Hoping all are well. Miss you already! Oh, BTW – have a second match making candidate!

  2. Pat Coughlin says:

    Glad those storms are behind you. Thank goodness Story Man was along… that’s some stressful driving.

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