have you ever seen the rain? day two.

(Anyone know who recorded that song???)

I shall have to think about that.  In the meantime, let me tell you about day 2.  We were still in Pennsylvania, of course.  500 miles from home, but still in Pennsylvania.


I started out the day behind the wheel, as I’d been awake since 5, was the first person in the breakfast room and generally anxious to get going.

The men in my life weren’t moving as quickly.

I drove through rain and construction for the first hour, then it was just cloudy.  We entered Ohio and Son #2 (who wants a new nickname–any suggestions???) took over.

Somewhere near Indiana the sky turned dark.  As in, “Auntie Em!  Auntie Em!”  I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Dorothy pedaling past on her bicycle.

2014-06-18 018

Scary stuff.

And then the thunderstorm began.  I was so glad I wasn’t driving.  Here’s what it looked like:

2014-06-18 022
This is what we saw of Indiana.
2014-06-18 024

We followed the semi with its flashing lights for almost an hour.

And then, FINALLY, it was over.

2014-06-18 029

We finally made it through Indiana and half of Illinois, racking up another 492 miles before reaching a Hampton Inn and a Crackerbarrel restaurant.

I decided to relax in the indoor pool for a while, while my son went to the exercise room to use the treadmill and Banjo Man caught up on work in the room.  It was just me and the inflatable blue whale bouncing around the pool last night, until Son #2 came in to ask if I had looked out the window lately.

Yep, another storm raged outside the huge windows.  I hadn’t even noticed, except for wondering why the overhead lights were flickering (that was lightning, my son explained, suggesting I get out of the pool).

Once he knew I wasn’t going to be electrocuted, he borrowed a deck of cards from the woman at the front desk and we finished off the day with an hour of Pitch.  I won.

(Banjo Man thinks we drove through two thunderstorms on Wednesday, but I’m too tired to remember clearly, except to say that it was a really awful day and we were happy to be off the road at 5:30 pm.)



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4 Responses to have you ever seen the rain? day two.

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, good thing Son #2 was watching over his mother and her floaty toy. (What, no noodles in the pool?)
    Nicknames: Scribbler, Story Man, or his new American Indian name–He Who Saves Mother From Lightning

  2. Karen says:

    Luckily you were not on a motorcycle! Drive safe.

  3. Pat Coughlin says:

    John Fogerty. I thought maybe Bob Seger. I like Story Man too. Or for a more medieval flair, The Scribe.

    Those thunderstorms looked scary. I definitely would have pulled over. Which is why it would take me a month to reach Idaho.

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