sunshine and meatballs

In the kitchen, nothing makes me happier than to make a massive amount of one thing.

 I suppose it’s the cook’s equivalent to running a marathon.

Banjo Man,  Story Man (formerly known as Son #2) and GL (my dear brother-in-law, who looks like Burt Reynolds and plays the lap steel guitar) are getting ready for The Sisters.

It’s an annual event that has been documented on this blog many times.   Festivities include cooking, eating, singing, playing musical instruments, more cooking, more eating, more singing, the 4th of July parade, fireworks on the dock, wine on the dock, fishing, kayaking and general merriment.

This year Story Man is showing a home videotape of the family cleaning out the farm house, their old home.

We will also welcome 4 members of the second generation and one member of the third generation, who is three and a half and will love throwing rocks in the lake.

My French Friend Janou is dismantling her intricate audio/video system (it even has its own closet) to loan me her VCR.

(I love my friends.)

Speaking of my French Friend Janou, have I told you she is a Canasta Addict?  Last year The Sisters, Etc. played massive games of Canasta and then I taught Janou how to play.

Her husband may never forgive me, but that’s another story.

This year’s family Canasta games will be aided by the arrival of a 6-pack card shuffler, which was purchased on Amazon and shipped to MFF Janou (because we don’t have a  mail box).

Anyway, back to the meatballs…

I made 100 of ’em.  Loaded up the Ipod with a new playlist called Songs to Sing Along While Making Massive Amounts of Food, and got to work.

I’m not sure why that was so much fun.  My legs didn’t think so later on that evening.  And my feet complained.

But it was worth it.

2011-11-19 006

(You can find the recipe

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3 Responses to sunshine and meatballs

  1. Pat Coughlin says:

    Mmmm… they look delicious. You’re a terrific hostess. And if you like making mass quantities of the same thing, I recommend Jello Shots.

  2. Ottis Winslow says:

    Sounds like great fun!! My best regards to all the Rolofsons. Happy 4th.ottis.

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