storm in sandpoint

024I took this picture last night from Trinity, on the Sandpoint city beach.  We’d had a sudden wind and rainstorm come up, and afterwards?  A rainbow.

And what a rainbow!

Banjo Man called from home to tell me that a tree was down across the driveway and that the power was out.

The power is still out, seventeen hours later.

But the tree has been sawed and the road is open.

We’re having company for dinner tonight, which means firing up the grill and going to Plan B.

Plan B = grilled peaches for dessert.

(I think I’m really going to like Plan B.)

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1 Response to storm in sandpoint

  1. Pat Coughlin says:

    Wow, that really is some rainbow. Great picture. Glad to hear the driveway blocking tree is gone.

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