off line

I’m having major withdrawal.

We’ve had no internet since Saturday, the evening of the Big Storm.  Yes, another Big Storm came down the lake Saturday.  This time the wind blew in all directions.  And the storm lasted over two hours.

It reminded  me of a hurricane.

We sat near the windows and watched the trees bend and twist and sway.  We watched our little boat, tied to the dock, bob and dip in the constant waves.


We were lucky, though.   The boat was fine.  Only one of our trees landed across the neighbor’s driveway, and he was cheerful about it.  He got out his chainsaw and I baked him a peach pie.

We lost power, as 50,000 people in the county did.  We said prayers of thanks to our generator, which kept the lights on and the water running.

Our internet dish did not survive, though.  A repairman can’t come out to look at it until next week, because we are so far away.

I am at the library, where a baby is crying and so is a cat.  It is hard to keep from laughing.  Banjo Man and Story Man are with me, lined up here with our laptops on a computer counter.

We are so happy to be online.  Without television and without internet, we are feeling cut off from the world.

I’m still taking pictures, so as soon as I can upload some of the better ones I will add to the blog.

Tonight is another Pampered Chef party.  I have my eye on a pizza pan designed to bake in a barbecue grill.

Since I can’t  have the internet, I may as well make pizza.



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