mardi gras night at the festival

Banjo Man and Story Man are off to town to see Trombone Shorty.

(That sounds like the beginning of a children’s picture book story, doesn’t it?)

Trombone Shorty is Troy Andrews, a twenty-eight year old trumpet and trombone player from New Orleans.


 I think he’s going to blow the tent off the Festival stage tonight.


I’m going to hold down the fort here at the lake. I’m about to take a mug of decaf coffee and a fudge brownie down to the dock to enjoy the evening sunshine and watch the boats whiz past. The day started out with rain and clouds, with thunderstorms supposedly hovering nearby. But the sun came out later this afternoon, inspiring Banjo Man to buy sausages for us to cook over Story Man’s campfire on the beach.

It was a very good lunch.

Anyway, back to Trombone Shorty….he’s a young man with a lot of talent and a lot of heart.  You can read all about his foundation to encourage young musicians here.

p.s. thank you to Retired Mountain Lady for the tickets to the show!!!



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