another tv-less game day


At 5:00 PM (PT) I will put on my new Huskers shirt, bought in Lincoln, Nebraska last June.  It is not the shirt you see here, but it’s red and it says “Huskers” on the front.

I will look like an idiot, here alone at the lake. But no one will see me, so that’s good. 🙂

The Nebraska-Miami game is not going to be streamed online, so I am once again stuck with listening to it on the internet radio, with all of the inevitable techno-glitches that come with listening to anything online. It’s a great alternative to not being able to listen at all, but it is never perfect.

I think I will take my laptop downstairs and iron while the game is on. It could be a tense three hours. There’s a lot of history between these teams and today is going to show if Nebraska is really making a comeback.

Until then I am working on my short story and listening to the pregame show.  I have been to the library and the dump.  I have successfully restrained myself from entering The Pantry and buying ice cream or cinnamon rolls.

I have looked up recipes for making pear liqueur.  I have unloaded boxes of borrowed serving dishes from the car.  I have filled the car with gas.  And bought a Diet Coke.

I have made my bed.

I have practiced my yodel song, among others.  I have folded clean clothes and swept the kitchen floor.  I have decided what to bake for tomorrow’s dessert after band practice.

Four hours to go until kick off.

I think I will walk down to the beach now and look for arrowheads.

Three hours and fifty-one minutes to go until kick off.


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1 Response to another tv-less game day

  1. Tom says:

    Can’t you get Banjo Man to help with some of those chores ?

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