i don’t feel that old…

Today marks 44 years of marriage to Banjo Man.



That day seems like a very long time ago.
Because it was.

But underneath the white hair (me) and bad knees (Banjo Man) and all of the other insults of aging, we’re still the same couple who loves road trips and music and mountains and lakes and really good hamburgers.

We’re still laughing.

Which is the most important thing.

As Banjo Man once warned a young man about the woman he was dating at the time, “It’s going to be a long life if she doesn’t think you’re funny.”

I’ve repeated that advice many times.

Banjo Man is the funniest man I know.

Fetterman and Bighorn 004

Which might explain the forty-four years.

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3 Responses to i don’t feel that old…

  1. Connie says:

    Congratulations to a very fun – ny couple!

  2. Ellie says:

    Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!! Your love for each other outshines the sun!! It reaches to the moon and back……is that a song?

  3. Harley Chick says:

    Congratulations to a couple of “peas in a pod” All our best! Love Harley Chick & Hot Rod Lincoln

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