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home for the winter

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over two weeks. There has been a lot going on.      My trip home from Texas last Tuesday (the 10th) was an easy one, aside from the 3:30 AM start at the … Continue reading

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day in, night out in austin

One of our favorite blues men, Johnny Nicholas, was playing at our favorite bar, the Saxon Pub, last night. Will and I planned to be there.  Of course.  Johnny no longer does the Wednesday Happy Hour, so when he does appear … Continue reading

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sunday’s antique mall

Will and I decided to do something a little different Sunday afternoon, so we headed north to the Austin Antique Mall. You never know what you’re going to find. How about a handknit clock? I wished these boots were my size. … Continue reading

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catching up here in austin

It is raining lightly this morning, something folks in Austin never seem to mind.  No flash flooding, no tropical storms or wind.  Just a calm little rainy morning, overcast and gray. I am going to fill the crock pot with … Continue reading

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flying east

We headed out of our hotel at 4 AM Wednesday.  Banjo Man was very, very unhappy with the weight of our luggage.  He said so many, many times. His suitcase was heavy, too.  Banjo Man’s initial statement of, “My suitcase … Continue reading

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smoke and pies

Today is Peach Pie Day.  I am going to make and freeze pies until I run out of peaches. Because I bought a case last week, that could take a while.   As you can see, there will be no … Continue reading

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my banjo man is back at the lake

I am so happy.  I can’t stop hugging him. But he doesn’t seem to mind. His plane was landing at 9:30 Monday night, so my first plan was to drive in to Spokane at 7 PM and pick him up, … Continue reading

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smoke and jam

Can you tell it’s fire season?  The fires are far away, I hear.  In Canada.  But the wind blows the smoke here, as you can see. This was taken around 4:00 Friday afternoon.  It looks strange, doesn’t it? Yesterday I … Continue reading

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buried treasure

He is very good at finding things.  If you’ve lost an earring or dropped a tiny screw or popped out a contact lens, you want this guy in the vicinity.  We don’t know how he does it. And this year?  … Continue reading

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camping, sort of

    All winter Banjo Man, his brother and our two sons talked about “going camping up at the cabin”. To say this trip had reached “epic” status would be an understatement.  Spending the night in the cabin up on the mountain … Continue reading

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