let it go?

Am I the only person in the universe who has not seen the movie “Frozen” or heard the song?  Some little girl with a big voice advises, “Let it go.”  (I don’t know who she is singing to or what is being let go, but I will google all that later, right after I clean the bathrooms and make that appointment to have a tooth pulled.)

I knew nothing about Frozen, until I went to Walmart Saturday.  This is what I saw:

2014-11-29 010A Frozen Karaoke machine?

2014-11-29 011

I think this is a magic mirror that also sings.  If you are over 60 and have a singing magic mirror, what would your songs be?

Delbert McLinton’s “I Had A  Real Good Time” comes to mind.

I might have to think about this all day.  Or ask my magic mirror what it wants to sing to me the next time I pluck my eyebrows.

2014-11-29 012

Whoa!  Princess dresses!  Love the sparkly stuff!!!

Now this is weird….


2014-11-29 013A waffle maker???  Really?

No one paid any attention to me when I whipped my camera out of my purse and photographed the Frozen toys.  There was a microphone that played The Song, so you could sing along.  I thought that was cute.  There were books and stickers and towels and bedspreads and dolls and bubble blowers.

There are no little girls in my family, which you probably figured out by now.  So I am Frozen Ignorant.

I felt a lot more comfortable in the aisle with the Tonka trucks.  They make a lot of noise when you push the buttons, but no one sings.

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3 Responses to let it go?

  1. Janou Scherb says:

    Kristine, I am with you I just don’t understand all this bit about frozen I don’t know anything about it, heard the song a couple times and I guess I’m just going into the boy world.

  2. connie says:

    I hadn’t heard the song either, but the movie is now Ben’s favorite. Boys are not exempt.

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