finding marco polo

Happy New Year, my friends!


And Happy New Year to you, too, Marco.

I am so behind on blog posts.  I still have September pictures to share, so that gives you some idea how much time I have not spent on the computer these past months.

But first, let me tell you about Marco Polo…

When Sarge (son #3) was here for the holidays, he and Banjo Man and I went to the movies.  Twice.  Going to the movies with Sarge is a great experience for me, because I love to get to the theater early.  Banjo Man doesn’t know what the word “early” means, which has resulted in major movie-going angst for the past forty-five years.

Sarge expects to arrive in the movie theatre at least forty-five minutes before the show starts.

He wants to pick out his seats.  In the back.  All the way in the back.

He wants to make sure there is no one going to get too close.  He wants to survey the crowd and watch for trouble.

This is what soldiers who have been to war several times do.

 When I am anywhere with Sarge, I feel quite safe.   Son #1 (Song Man) and Son#2 (Story Man) have both expressed the same feeling.  It’s like hanging out with Jack Bauer on an episode of 24.

For instance, as darkness descended on the movie theater and the opening credits for “Unbroken” began on the screen, a thirty-ish couple arrived and made their way up the center aisle to sit in the back row, past us (we were in the middle), past six empty seats, to the corner.  The man was talking the entire time.  He had one of those deep voices that carry, and he obviously had a lot to say to the woman he was with.

In other words, he wouldn’t shut up.

Banjo Man leaned forward to look past me and Sarge to see who was talking.  A few minutes later, as the talking continued and the movie began, I leaned forward to see who was talking.  I guess I hoped the guy would see people looking at him and be quiet.

Sarge growled, “I got this, Mom.”


Sarge scooted down the row of seats and said something to the man.  I couldn’t hear what he said, but I thought I caught a subdued, “Sorry” from the man.

There wasn’t another peep from the corner for two hours.

How cool is that?

Anyway, back to Marco Polo.

Because we arrived at the movies so early, we watched several commercials from Netflix advertising their new mini-series, “Marco Polo”.

It looked really, really good.

So good that when we arrived back home, we watched Episode 1.

It was good, really good.

Sarge headed back home, a three and a half hour drive from us, late  Saturday night.

Banjo Man and I now had an empty house and some quiet nights to fill when college football wasn’t on tv.  We ended up watching all TEN episodes of Marco Polo.  One night we watched it for three hours.

So…..if you are stuck in your house surrounded by snow, you want to watch Marco Polo.


Check it out on Netflix here.

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1 Response to finding marco polo

  1. Janou says:

    David and I watched it all in 2 or 3 days! A great start and am waiting for Season 2 next year!

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