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miss lillie, andrea and peaches

Yesterday I peeled 40+ peaches.  Today I will most likely do another 30, but I’m not sure.  I just put up three batches of apricot jam this morning and I’m pretty happy to be out of the kitchen, so peach-peeling … Continue reading

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catching up on a sunny may morning

Greetings. The sky is blue and the temperature is–gasp–62.  Hard to believe, but true. So…I’m recovering from this latest bout with bronchitis.  The doctor suggested it was the same infection I’ve had all winter that just keeps returning.  My mega-antibiotics … Continue reading

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movies worth the time

We splurged on a couple of months of HBO via Amazon Prime, so these movies came via that subscription.  We’ll be watching a few more offerings on this channel before we cancel it and become frugal again. Last night we … Continue reading

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hector, please go home

Banjo Man and I couldn’t decide what to watch last night, so as I was browsing through Netflix I saw this movie, “Hector”, set in Scotland.  What the heck.  It’s Scotland.  We’ll love the scenery and the accents. Oops. The … Continue reading

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long way from home

While New England prepared for another storm yesterday, we ate an early dinner on the patio outside of Whole Foods. Snow??  What snow??? It’s a hard life. The day began with breakfast at Habanero’s, a local Mexican place with fabulous … Continue reading

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big little lies and other shows

It was a good book and it’s a really good miniseries on HBO (or if you’re lucky, available to rent at your local library). Banjo Man and I could not have enjoyed it more.  I especially loved the various husbands … Continue reading

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the polka king

I didn’t know whether to recommend this movie or not.  Banjo Man and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but after reading a lot of horrible reviews I hesitated to tell you about it. This Netflix movie is based on a true … Continue reading

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the frozen dead

Here’s a new mystery series on Netflix.  It’s in French, with English subtitles, and set in the French Pyrenees. We liked almost all of the episodes–good characters and lots of mysterious happenings–but the last episode left us…cold.  It ended with … Continue reading

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anne with an “e”

I watched all seven episodes of season 1 on Netflix this week.  What a wonderful production!  I cannot recommend it enough.   I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for season 2, but I hope it won’t be a year.   … Continue reading

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why did the turkey…

…cross the road? (A)  to find bugs and/or acorns, (B)  for exercise, though they walk very, very slowly, with their skinny turkey feet planted firmly at every step they take, or (C)  to make me hurry downstairs to tell Banjo Man … Continue reading

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