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anne with an “e”

I watched all seven episodes of season 1 on Netflix this week.  What a wonderful production!  I cannot recommend it enough.   I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for season 2, but I hope it won’t be a year.   … Continue reading

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why did the turkey…

…cross the road? (A)  to find bugs and/or acorns, (B)  for exercise, though they walk very, very slowly, with their skinny turkey feet planted firmly at every step they take, or (C)  to make me hurry downstairs to tell Banjo Man … Continue reading

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scenes from sunday

  The Purgatory Players Sunday Gospel Brunch has moved from the Strange Brew Coffeehouse to El Mercado, right around the corner from us on South First.  It was our first time at this venue and we had a great time … Continue reading

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movie nights

Banjo Man and I have been watching a lot of movies and mini-series this past month.  And we have a “watch list” we keep adding to. Last night was this gem, A MAN CALLED OVE. The book had been recommended … Continue reading

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star wars, the competition

I bought this game for Sarge for Christmas.  It was the Season of Star Wars, after all, and my three sons (My Three Sons–does anyone remember that tv show???) considered themselves experts on the first six movies.  My grandson was … Continue reading

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quick long weekend recap

Okay, on Saturday we hit the 12:35 show of this movie, which opened this weekend: I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  Loved this movie.  It was not a politically-slanted movie (Obama and Hillary were never … Continue reading

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the force awakened

We had a plan.  Story Man, Amber and Son #1 went to see the new Star Wars movie Monday.  They bought the tickets long before they knew Sarge was joining us, but the movie had to be previewed before The … Continue reading

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the imitation game

We might be two of the last people to see this movie, but we were so glad we finally had a chance to sit down and watch it last week.  What a wonderful movie!!!  Well worth the rental fee from … Continue reading

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Wow!  Banjo Man and I were on the edge of our seats–our big comfy seats on the big comfy couch, that is–watching this movie last night. This is one of those movies where you DO NOT KNOW what is going … Continue reading

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My critique: HUH????!!!!! DID. NOT. GET. IT. To be fair, some of the lines were funny.  If you were an actor or in show business in any way, you would think those lines were fall-off-the-couch hilarious. I tried, I really … Continue reading

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