black list and other things

TheBlacklist_EW_DigBanjo Man and I are watching Season 1 on Netflix.  We have one episode left.  Banjo Man loved it from the first episode, but I thought it was too graphic, too gory.  But since the plot lines have focused on the characters and the mysteries (instead of creepy violence) I’ve become hooked.  I think Season 3 starts on NBC soon.

Three episodes of Black List and an hour of American Idol (I love you, Harry Connick Jr.) were a good end to a stress-filled day.

Banjo Man had tackled the job of digging out the car, which he did very, very slowly.  I watched him to make sure he kept his promise to take it easy.

And then Skype music lessons were cancelled.  Boo hoo.

After changing my snow-crusted clothes and putting my guitar away, I had to sort out a complicated project with two other authors, both talented and enthusiastic ladies, but with no experience in the kind of project they were attempting to set up.  As the Old Crone of the trio, I had plenty of experience and could see the flashing “Danger!” signs ahead.  It was time to sort things out so we could turn their fun ideas into a real book.

In other words, it was time to hide my Cranky Self and pretend to be Cooperative and Wise.



I need a headband!!!!

Our thermostat died after we dug out the driveway, so we had no heat upstairs in the living area.  We depend on our gas fireplace to heat the house, so our home was pretty chilly for the rest of the day.  We could have gone down to the basement, but there’s no HD tv down there and we do have our priorities!   After dinner Banjo Man hunted down every comforter in the house and piled them all on the Big Couch.  We ate nachos and drank tea and watched television.

Life was good.

So as I sit here and wait for the repairman I think I’ll search ebay for purple gowns, maybe make myself a headband out of potato peels and decorate a stick with pine cones and moss.

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1 Response to black list and other things

  1. Sharon says:

    Too bad you didn’t have that moss/pinecone covered stick to hit the thermometer and get it working again.

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