heading to texas with DMP

Last Friday Dancing Mandolin Player and I packed our bags and headed to Spokane to catch a plane to Texas.


In my carry-on rolling bag was the receipt for John Prine concert tickets.

We were very excited because neither one of us had ever seen him in concert and we like to sing John Prine songs with the band.

I was a little nervous about the tickets.  I’d bought them through what I hoped was the John Prine fan site, through a ticket-purchasing program that had promised the best seats in the house and would be reserved before the seats were open to the general public.  I’d bought four tickets (the max allowed by the fan club) and planned on Son #1 and Son #2 joining us.

Anyway, we boarded the plane and I’d hoped that my window seat would provide a view of the lake.

If I could download the photos of the lake I would.  Instead you can see the clouds covering the lake.


We landed in Phoenix, which didn’t have rain when we landed but then ended up with a massive storm that grounded planes for a while.


We had a four hour layover which meant shopping.  Lots of shopping.  We didn’t buy much, though.  Just some rattlesnake eggs.

Then it was on to Austin, a short 2 hour flight, to land at 11:15 PM and meet Son #2 (aka Story Man), who looked happy to see that we’d made it to Austin safely.

Why do our grown children wonder what we’re doing and think we’re going to get in trouble somewhere along the way????


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