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unforgettable, part 1

We’re home after a fabulous experience in Mississippi.  Yes, there was a frightening tornado an hour away.  And a thunderstorm with hail the night before we left.  But the people in Mississippi were warm and welcoming. And the retreat?  Well, … Continue reading

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goin’ to jackson

Today is the day!  In a couple of hours we’ll be on our way to Jackson, Mississippi. Finally–FINALLY–after four years of trying, I’m off to sew with the Gee’s Bend quilters. I’ve blogged about it before.  You can read about … Continue reading

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back home and ready for 2023

Yesterday we departed Austin at 6:15 AM and shortly after take-off we saw the gorgeous ruby colors of sunrise from the windows.  And landing in Rhode Island over twelve hours later we admired the sunset (pictured here). Compared to the … Continue reading

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must love dogs

Dear Westin and Marriot Bonvoy, I think you have a big problem. While the “Element” is a gorgeous hotel in downtown Omaha, conveniently next door to my sister-in-law and her husband, it stinks. Literally. Your carpets are stained from dog … Continue reading

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3049 is the magic number. Yes, we are home in Rhode Island once again as of 3:30 PM Friday. And yes, that is the number of miles we travelled from the lake to here. Oh, my goodness. Thursday, while Banjo … Continue reading

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almost home, day 10 on the road

If I could jump for joy this morning I would, though I would not jump on the elevator. Because, as you can see, many bad things could happen. We are 387 miles from home and our own beds. It is … Continue reading

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looking at lake erie

It is dark. It is raining. I can barely see the white-capped waves on the lake. We drove extra miles north of the interstate last night in order to stay at a Fairfield Inn because we love them. We drove … Continue reading

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heading east, 2022

We’re in a Fairfield Inn in…wait a sec, let me think… I have drawn a blank. Iowa, though. We’re in Iowa and we will be sleeping in Ohio tonight. It’s a four state day. I am in the breakfast room. … Continue reading

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the road is calling and we must go

This lovely Highlander is ready to hit the road and head East. We plan to get an early start this morning and drive the 380 miles to Bozeman. The last time we drove from Idaho to Rhode Island was September, … Continue reading

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long live the queen

Every morning I check a website to see if the Queen of England is still alive. I can’t help myself.  My love of British history makes me do it. I saw her once, in person, and I have the lousy … Continue reading

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