have basil will travel

2015-06-26 014

Every year I arrive at the lake and plant my garden.  My garden consists of two large pots by the front door, into which go tomato plants (I usually buy the last two tomato plants at Walmart) and basil (which every single store is out of).

This year I bought basil plants in Rhode Island.  I left them outside and bugs got to them and ate the leaves, but I was not discouraged.  Into the car they went, despite Banjo Man’s grumbling.  He swore they wouldn’t make it to the lake, would die after 3000 miles in the car, but they have survived quite nicely.

I think they like life on the road.  But like me, they’ll be happy to stay in one place for the summer.  My basil and I are ready to get off the road and settle down!

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