broken eagle

2015-07-12 008A few weeks ago we had a visit from what we thought was a hawk, but turned out to be a juvenile eagle.

Who, sadly, had a broken wing.

Calls to wildlife rescue organizations were futile.  He stayed in our front yard, hopping and low-flying from rock to rock, all afternoon and evening.  A few days later he shocked a neighbor by dropping down in front of his truck, then scooting off into the woods.

There is an eagles’ nest near us.  We watch them fish, flying over the lake and dipping down into the water to snatch their dinner.   We used to have ospreys as neighbors, too, but the tree where they nested for years was blown down in last year’s powerful summer storm.

I don’t want to think about what happened to this young eagle.  Nature is cruel, I know.  It’s just that when I watch the eagles soar and swoop over the lake I feel comforted.

Because of all of the crazy, horrible, evil things happening in the world, at least there are still eagles doing what they have always done here at the lake.

And I am lucky enough to get to watch.

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