do you hear what i hear?

I hear thunder.  Big, booming, cracking, stormy thunder.

Do you have any idea what a great sound that is?

It means we might get rain!!!!

We need rain so badly.  The smoke from the fires east of here and north of here is thick and miserable.  We’ve grown used to tasting smoke, which is strange.  Friends in Montana are dealing with evacuations on the Bull River Road.  Others are storing valuables in safety deposit boxes or packing treasured possessions in boxes, close to doors and easy to grab on the way out.

But I hear thunder.  And when I was outside a moment ago I even felt a drop of rain.

We don’t want a “dry” storm.  We don’t want dry lightning.  We want pouring, thick, heavy, soaking, beating-on-the-roof rain.

Especially in Montana.

I’ll keep you posted.

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4 Responses to do you hear what i hear?

  1. Nancy k says:

    Doing a rain dance for you. Love you

  2. Sharon says:

    I hope it rains again…..soon!

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