leaving des moines

Friday morning and we’re packed up and ready to go.  It rained all day yesterday but we stopped in Vermilion, South Dakota to tour the musical instruments museum.  I have pictures of Dylan’s and Johnny Cash’s guitars.  Beautiful violins, too.  I may have drooled in front of the Amati case.

We treated ourselves to a hot lunch at Perkins, then a peek into a big quilt fabric store (one of the saleswoman used to live in Priest River) where I bought fabric with drum sets on it for my grandson.

And then we continued into Iowa, through the rain, for a few more hours.

Dinner was from a local grocery chain, HyVee, which makes Banjo Man’s heart beat faster.  He loves HyVee when he visits Lincoln, Nebraska.  We had stayed at this hotel before and Banjo Man remembered the HyVee and practically ran across the parking lot to get inside.

After a long day of rain it was a highlight.

The Hampton served free beer and wine last night here in West Des Moines.  Another highlight.

We are stopping early tonight.  Amazing Race starts!!!!

See you later…with photos

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