the martian


We rented this “on demand” last night, before we watched American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen.  We were tired of the news and the endless political discussions on the news channels, so we went to…Mars.

I didn’t realize Matt Damon was the hero of the movie (I thought I was watching Leonardo diCaprio the whole time) until I uploaded this photo to the blog.  And I really didn’t understand much of the movie.  It was charming and exciting and interesting, but all of that scientific chatter just went in one ear and out the other.

During the movie (and American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen) I was busy pinning 252 little blocks of fabric together.  And then I set up the ironing board in front of the couch and proceeded to iron 84 other sections of fabric patches.  There was no way I could sit in front of the television for FOUR HOURS and not do anything.  Sometimes I practice the dobro (without finger picks, so it’s fairly quiet) by mindlessly picking the patterns that Buddy taught me in December.  Sometimes I read during the commercials. Sometimes I eat chocolate-and-salt-coated almonds, but thank God they are all gone and we can’t buy any more until we go back to Texas in March.

Anyway, back to “The Martian”:  it was a good movie to rent on a cold winter night.

P.S.  A “Bachelor” update will be coming this weekend, along with some notes on a few other shows.  Stay tuned.

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