lightning over texas

It’s never fun to see lightning in the sky at the same time you are in the sky.

I was too nervous to take pictures even though I had a window seat.

Sometimes it’s not good to have a window seat.

We landed in Austin at midnight Tuesday, having detoured around a huge storm.  Banjo Man and I even considered spending the night in Baltimore, but we learned about the altered flight plan and decided to keep heading to Texas.

The lightning prevented the ground crew from guiding the plane to the hangar, so we waited ten long minutes.  I took my seatbelt off and set the metal buckle away from my body.

One can’t be too careful.

Son #2 (aka Story Man) was happy to see us and the worst of the storm hit just as we drove up in front of our little condo.

We were so happy to be together we talked until 3 AM.  The lightning was on the other side of the door.

Have you guessed how much I don’t like thunderstorms????





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1 Response to lightning over texas

  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    So scary especially when you are in the air. Hate it. M

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