austin style around town


Seen at C-Boy’s Bar.



Seen at the grocery store.


On the wall at the gelato store.

I see a lot of great outfits here in Austin.  Cute skirts, interesting boots, intricately embroidered Western shirts.  Prom dresses for dancing, ripped denim, psychedelic leggings, and lots and lots of cleavage.

Alas, I have been sporting None Of The Above.

I am wearing Basic Grandma:  khaki shorts, black t-shirts and Easy Spirit clogs.

In Austin this means I look weird and out of place.  I would like to look cool and hip and trendy, I really would, but this year I just don’t have the energy.  Or a waist.

But Basic Grandma is sure enjoying the music!  Talent is everywhere and I am loving the songs and the sounds and the energy.

And that’s cool enough.

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3 Responses to austin style around town

  1. Sharon says:

    Hey, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Please tell me there is Irish music somewhere.
    Isn’t it the root of country music or is that Blue Grass?

    • Lots of Irish influences in bluegrass but hardly any bluegrass in town. Banjo Man has gone to a 1960’s rock n roll show, Story Man is off to hear some country and neither of them wanted to go to a St Patrick’s day music party with me tonight. I’m resting up for an 11 AM show tomorrow and six hours of music, all day long! Nothing Irish though, too bad.

  2. Ottis Winslow says:

    Happy you are having so much fun. Love to all, Mom.

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