sunday quilts

Last weekend Mom and I went to the Narragansett Bay Quilters bi-annual quilt show at a nearby high school.  We met my good buddy Ruth there and proceeded to walk around the gym while oohing and ahhing about the amazing talent on display.

So I thought I’d share some quiltin’ eye candy with you.

I thought this quilt was stunning.  Paper pieced and gorgeous.


Here’s a vintage top quilted and displayed.  This has inspired me to do something with the vintage quilt tops I’ve collected since 1972.IMG_0929

I loved all of the intricate machine quilting on this one.  I could happily do this kind of machine quilting for weeks on end.  Until I went blind.IMG_0923

This one definitely takes a design board.  Simple blocks, but a complicated assembly to make it into a work of art.  We all loved this one.IMG_0921

And now for some applique.  My fingers can’t do this kind of needlework, but Ruth’s can.  She’s really good at it, so this quilt inspired her.IMG_0924

What a variation on a wedding ring pattern!  I’ve always wanted to make one of these.  Maybe next winter…IMG_0925IMG_0926

And here are cross-stitch blocks at the center of log cabin blocks.  These were the smallest cross stitches I’ve ever seen in my life.IMG_0928

Of course no quilt show would be complete without a vendor section.  I resisted buying fabric and a sewing table (saving that purchase for next winter), but I won a door prize at one of the booths!

We went out to lunch, celebrated Mother’s Day early (I’ll be in Austin on the official Sunday) and staggered home.  I have a few quilt projects to finish up before we leave for the lake–mostly making binding–but there will be no more new quilts until November.

Summer = cooking, canning,  music, dock time, parties, reunions, family gatherings and staring at the mountains.  Heaven!


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4 Responses to sunday quilts

  1. Sharon Winn says:

    Lovely quilts. Even better summer plans. It does sound like heaven!

  2. Janou says:

    You forgot Canasta!

  3. Marge says:


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