wired up


We have internet access again!!!    Thanks to John, the tech man at our provider, and a new fancy-shmancy router from Staples, we are connected to the outside world once more.

Banjo Man, having spent many computer hours burning bandwidth on my IPhone’s hotspot, is delerious with joy.

And I have my phone back!  So to everyone to whom I owe phone calls, stand by.

I’ve spent my no TV, no computer, no phone days cooking.  The kitchen counter is lined with crock pots–a beautiful sight—as I get a head start on the meals for a family gathering in July.  So much fun filling Dollar store disposable pans and stacking them in the freezer.  And also in the freezer are the 40 pounds of boneless pork ribs (purchased for me by My French Friend Janou, who discovered them on sale at Super One and bought me 15 packages six days before we arrived!!!!), baked for hours and now waiting for homemade bbq sauce and a whole lot of hungry in-laws.

This morning I will see Dancing Mandolin Player!  She bought cherry tomato plants and basil for me last month because the stores are out of them by the time we get here.

My friends take such good care of me.  I am so lucky.

The sun is shining and it finally feels like summer.  After a long, gray, grumpy winter in New England, I am luxuriating (is that a word?) in the warmth and brightness of a blue sky.

Banjo Man is experiencing a bit of shock and awe over my sudden cheerfulness.

I even offered him a sample of pork ribs

You have to share the joy.




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2 Responses to wired up

  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    Ymmm! M

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    Wish your friend had purchased tomato plan and cilantro for me. All gone by time I could get out. M

    Sent from my iPhone


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