today’s miracle

My kitchen is clean.

Yes, I consider that a miracle.

It’s a bit disconcerting, since it hasn’t looked like this since we arrived at the lake in June.  I started cooking and canning and freezing meals shortly after our arrival and I haven’t stopped.

Until today.

Today is for music and football and reading.  I will probably start packaging up jars of jam (there are 33 of them–8 batches!!) to ship to family and friends.  The Funny Grandson loves his grandmother’s apricot jam.  As do Banjo Man’s sisters.  I’ll save some for next year’s guests and for Banjo Man’s peanut butter and jam sandwiches (his lunch of choice when he is up at the cabin in the woods).

The crock pots are off of the counter.  The canning supplies are stored away until next year’s crops of peaches and apricots.  An enormous amount of yesterday’s chili has been divided up and stored and will be given away.  In a few minutes I will sweep and mop the kitchen floor.

It is 60 degrees outside.  Yesterday it rained and there was a thunderstorm last night that sent the power flickering on and off.  But I see some blue sky and white fluffy clouds heading my way, so hopefully things will dry out and I can continue to haul the beach chairs and toys up to the house to store for the winter.

I realize that my very clean kitchen means that summer is over.

Wow.  That was fast.


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