happy birthday to story man


Story Man, my second son, loves campfires.  Whenever he is at the lake we know that he will plan an evening at the shore.   There will be a campfire, with or without marshmallows and hot dogs, but most likely with.

He works in a BBQ pit in Austin now.  He manages the fires, the wood, the temperatures, the turning and seasoning and basting of the meat and pork.

Today is his birthday.  His was a difficult pregnancy; the odds were against it ever resulting in a healthy baby.  He was six weeks early and was born with a smile on his little face.  He still smiles a lot, is forever a tease.

I’m heading to Texas tomorrow.  I’ll spend a few days with my two Texan sons, my daughter-in-law and the Funny Grandson (who turns six on Saturday).   There will be plenty of birthday hugs and some family dinners at the Magnolia Café.

Happy Birthday, Story Man.  We love you!



Story Man watching the campfire with Banjo Man.



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