friday morning comin’ down

The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head.

–Sol Hurok



The view from my office window this morning.


We are getting a new roof today.  According to Banjo Man, who has been worried about the condition of our roof for the last five years, we are lucky to have made it this far without holes, leaks and certain disaster.

This new roof project has made him very, very happy.

I am up early, dressed and ready to flee all of this noise, destruction and excitement.  I think I will head to Marshall’s and buy some new baskets for my bookshelves.  I’ve been cleaning my office (which is a constant chore) and now I’m certain the only things standing between me and a beautifully organized room are pretty new baskets of just the right shape and size.

Then I will meet a friend for lunch.

It’s still warm here in Rhode Island.  The sky is blue, the leaves are gold and there are four men on my roof scaring the hated squirrels away.

Happy November!

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