winter reading

I’m starting to feel better, so I thought I’d sit here at the desk for a few minutes and at least send a short post about books.  I’m always reading (my biggest lifelong addiction), and here are two books that I had to share with you.

A thriller:


From Publishers Weekly

At the start of British author Mackintosh’s accomplished debut, five-year-old Jacob Jordan lets go of his mother’s hand for an instant on a rainy evening in Bristol, England, and darts into the road, only to be struck and killed by a hit-and-run. The investigation lands on the desk of Det. Insp. Ray Stevens and his eager new detective constable, Kate Evans. Mackintosh alternates between the slow, but fruitless, police work and the movements of artist Jenna Gray, who’s haunted by Jacob’s death and relocates to an isolated Welsh village, where she keeps to herself, warming slightly to the local vet after finding an abandoned puppy, and even then keeping the details of her previous life a secret. Back in Bristol, Ray and Kate work the case to the ground, despite a lack of leads; predictable sparks fly, even though Ray is happily married with two children. Mackintosh easily shifts points of view and keeps readers on their toes, slowly upping the suspense, so that when she does reveal her twists they—mostly—work.

And a laugh-out-loud romance, from another first time author:


Congratulations, ladies!  I look forward to reading your future books!!!


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  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    Hope the recovery moves quickly. M

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