birthday socks


I love these.

In the midst of 8 degree temps and a foot of snow outside, I can look at these socks and dream of summer.

My childhood summers were spent at my  grandparent’s summer cabin, on a pond deep in the woods.  Huge snapping turtles, slow little sun turtles, my grandfather’s row boat, wild blueberries…it was heaven.

Thank you, Will.

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2 Responses to birthday socks

  1. Ellie says:

    Will is the sweetest most thoughtful child. He knows you so well. Those socks are perfect for you and they remind you of fond memories of your past. What a special gift of love💖

  2. Sharon M Winn says:

    A perfect gift for a winter baby.
    Just think next year you’ll be on Rt 66 with me.
    Get it?

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