coming out of the cave

I think this is commonly called a “blank slate”:IMG_2434.JPG

You notice there is nothing on it?  Such is February in New England.  February 11th was supposed to have been a breakfast get together with friends in town, but it snowed.

We also refused to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I came home from CVS and told Banjo Man, “I am not buying you a $4.00 Valentine’s card and I don’t want you buying me a $4.00 card either.”

Banjo Man:  “Is this is trick?”

I assured him I was serious.  Instead we bought Season 6 of “Game of Thrones” and spent last week watching episodes 1-8.  Two more to go, maybe tonight.  It’s very intense, so we limit ourselves to two episodes per night, otherwise we would have nightmares about dragons and bloody decapitations.

But I am renouncing my hermit ways, hauling my lazy ass out of a rut and getting back in the game.  Last night my buddy Barb (I’ve mentioned her before–we’ve been friends since we were 13,  and she and her husband have now retired, moved back to the neighborhood and live right down the street again!!!) and her husband Rod came over for chicken stew and cards.  We stuffed ourselves with chicken and pasta and brownies and then played Hearts until midnight.

Since we haven’t entertained since before Thanksgiving, we were ready to party.  Barb and Rod have spent months remodeling her grandmother’s farm house while making dinners on a hot plate, so we toasted to the any-day-now installation of her new gas stove and beautiful new sinks.

Next weekend Jeff and Angela are coming over for dinner and Mexican Train dominoes.

My dear friend Ruth and I are going out to lunch on Wednesday.

I am tired of sitting here being grumpy, staring out the office window at snow and ice and slush and mud.  So I am learning some new songs and blasting music through the speakers all over the house and finishing up some sewing projects and filling in the calendar with social engagements.

Winter is slowly coming to an end.  It’s time to cast off the hermit persona, turn off the giant TV, get off the couch and venture out into the world again.

Let’s all hope for an early Spring!


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2 Responses to coming out of the cave

  1. Sharon M Winn says:

    You can buy TWO Valentine’s Day cards at The Dollar Store for $1.

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