what a treat


Isn’t this a great idea?  Bananas and mandarins for the little ones who might be hungry in the supermarket!

Does your grocery store do this?  Have I not noticed until now?  Should I get out more???

Rhode Island has a huge population of, uh, elderly people.  Of which I am one, now that I have turned 65.  I need to make a rare appearance at the market during the weekend so I can actually see children.

My little friend Sam, soon to be four, might stop in for a visit during this school vacation week.  So of course I had to go to the store today to get his favorites, cheese sticks and individual ice cream cups, just in case his father has a chance to bring him over.  Sam likes to kneel at my coffee table and eat ice cream while we watch  episodes of Thomas the Train.

He also likes to play his guitar like a dobro and he has learned some bluegrass tunes, so we might have to do a little jammin’.

Yesterday I cleaned out the freezer and made a black bean soup, with pineapple and squash and tomatoes and rice.


I didn’t think it was very good, but Banjo Man seemed to enjoy it.

Today I’m going to–hopefully–redeem myself tonight with a creamy tomato basil tortellini soup.

I found the recipe here:


I think whoever invented tortellini should be given a medal.

Or at least a free banana.


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2 Responses to what a treat

  1. Sharon M Winn says:

    Is that a small supermarket? They don’t do that at Market Basket.
    But they do give you free coffee and sometimes goodies from the bakery.

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