Amazon has a new series.


Set in a fictional Arctic island settlement, “Fortitude” is a sci-fi thriller with an interesting set of characters, a defrosting mammoth that may or may not contain deadly toxins that turn nice people into murders and lots of people cheating on each other in snow-covered huts.

It’s pretty wild stuff.

I’m not into horror flicks at all.  I don’t like scary stuff.  But this is so darn good and the characters are so wonderful and intriguing.

I started watching it while Banjo Man was away.  I finished episode 10 of Season 1 (with two hours to go to the end) when I had to go out at 1 AM to pick up Banjo Man from the airport.

It was a rainy and foggy and creepy night.  And after 5 hours of Fortitude (I was icing my hip and taking Tylenol and sorting photographs on the couch–after a long weekend of ladders and cleaning, it was so good to sit down!) I will admit that I really didn’t want to venture out into the fog at 1 AM.

By myself.

Yes, FORTITUDE is that creepy.  I even check the interior of the car to make sure there were no toxin-filled psychomaniacs lurking in the dark.

And then I locked the doors.  Really fast.

For 10 hours of FORTITUDE I was so glad Banjo Man wasn’t with me, because he gets scared very, very easily.  And then he swears.  And he doesn’t like it when people don’t wear hats and gloves and zip up their coats when the temperature is -30 .

But…he was dying to see the show, even though I warned him about the creepy parts.

You know what?  He’s hooked!  He’s finished Episode 6 now and he loves it.

Go figure.

The acting is great and the setting is gorgeous.  They filmed it in Iceland, using similar settings as Game of Thrones (and the same local crew).  The scenery is stunning.

Click here to read more about it:

Have you seen this???   Let me know what you think!

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