My part of the basement workroom is encased in plastic and labelled.


Selling fabric on Ebay has turned into a profitable little temporary business.

Did I tell you I’m saving for a new sewing machine?  All of the Ebay money goes into that fund, so when my present much-loved machine finally takes its last gasp I will be ready to go to the sewing machine store and get the new Janome 9400.

I have two more pairs of drapes to list this morning and then that part of this huge project is done.  I hope to spend the rest of May shipping out packages of vintage drapes and fabric to new owners.

Banjo Man is now cleaning out his part of the workroom.  I woke up at 5 AM to the sound of raccoons trying to get into the garbage cans outside the bedroom window, but it was actually Banjo Man digging through shelves in the basement.  He’d been up since 4 AM readying the car for a trip to the dump.

He’s so excited.

He has even thrown away twenty-year old tubes of caulk.

Let’s say “Hallelujah” again, shall we?

The best thing about today is not going to the dump, but the tossing out of the old “shop vac”, which doesn’t vacuum and makes a horrendous high-pitched squealing noise while not doing anything but blowing air around.

So today we’re buying a new one.  Well, not “we”, because I’m staying home today while Banjo Man goes to the dump, the grocery stores and Walmart.

It’s raining.  And the fog is incredibly thick.

But the basement?  A work of art!



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3 Responses to finished!

  1. Sharon says:

    It is truly a work of art. Lot’s of hours to make it look so neat and pretty. Bravo!

  2. Marge says:


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