girls on the beach

IMG_3804 (2)

One of us is snacking.  The other is wondering where Banjo Man put the bag of Doritos.

Yesterday I decided to be on vacation.  After a fun practice with Dancing Mandolin Player in the morning (did I tell you we have a real gig in August?) and a lunch of sliced peaches, I headed down to the lake.  I had a towel, phone (i.e. camera), water, water shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and my Kindle.  I had even inflated my two favorite floaties and intended to bob around in the water when the mood struck.

Banjo Man joined me several hours later, bringing salsa and chips and news of the day.  He retrieved the long-handled rake and scooped out swaths of floating grass and weeds that sometimes float in to our swimming area.

I have said for some time now that the deer love to eat this stuff, but the men in my life have not believed me.  “Just leave it on the beach,” I would say.  “The deer will take care of it.”

And they would repress their sighs and not say anything.

Banjo Man was gathering up the snacks and was on his way back to his office when, less than fifteen minutes after Banjo Man raked the grass from the water, my girlfriend arrived.

IMG_3790Obviously she couldn’t resist such a treat.

Banjo Man went back to the house, but this gal and I hung out for a while.  She chomped away and I watched people learn to water ski and then took my floating chair out for some time on the water.

Maybe we’ll do it again today.



Does this log make my butt look big?





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