oktoberfest, etc.


Getting cozy with Banjo Man.

We are still a couple of days from leaving the lake until next  year, but of course we are trying to fit in all the social activities we can in the remaining time we have left.

I dropped my cell phone Friday.  It was just a little drop, on the wood floor, but it killed my ancient I-Phone.  Yesterday I drove to town to see if it could be fixed (it couldn’t) or replace it (which I did, with an I-phone 7).  If you had asked me two years ago if I would ever need a smart phone I would have laughed and shaken my head, “No way.”  But I have now realized that a life with email, texting and an easy-access camera is one worth living.

How things change.

It was a bit stressful–spending an hour in a Verizon store is like that–so I had to go to a fabric store to detox.  I tried not to think about how many quilts I could make or fabric I could buy with what I had just paid for an I-Phone.  I bought a tiny bit of fabric and felt better.

Then it was on to town, to visit a new hairdresser and have my witchy white hair cut.  She did a great job, giving me a new look and all sorts of advice.  I do look a bit different, but that’s a good thing.


On to Oktoberfest, to meet Banjo Man and BIL George.  Oktoberfest is Hope’s fall fundraiser and it is always such a good time.  The locals come out in droves and there is a bonfire and music, along with great food and beer.

Banjo Man volunteered to serve sauerkraut, which he did joyously for over two hours.


My French Friend Janou is one of the organizers/cooks for the event every year and I can’t wait to find out how many meals were served.  It looked like everyone in town was there.  So much fun!

Our wonderful musician, Dennis Wilson, always entertains the crowd.


Gorgeous sky.


Gorgeous night.


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