tin star

There is nothing Banjo Man loves more than a “revenge” movie.  The bloodier the better.

tin star

After watching the first episode of this Amazon mini-series, Banjo Man can’t wait to see what happens next.  The story?  Well, a British cop takes his family to British Columbia and becomes sheriff of a small, isolated town.  The scenery is gorgeous and makes me homesick.  In a good way.

I’m not going to tell you anything else, except to say a lot happens in the first episode.

We are going out for “Taco Tuesday” (where the tacos are $1.00 each) at a local restaurant tonight, so episode 2 will have to wait for tomorrow.  Harley Chick and Hot Rod Russ have organized a trip across the bridges to a budget Mexican extravaganza.

After finishing four seasons (yes, FOUR SEASONS) of “Treme”, one of the best things we’ve ever watched on tv, we are now filling in time before “Longmire” (the final season–sob) begins on November 17.


We can’t wait.  I miss Walt.

In the meantime, “Tin Star” will be a decent substitute, I hope.





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2 Responses to tin star

  1. Jean says:

    Try “Wanted” on Netflix!

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